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Mission and Story

Get to Know Us

When it comes to the promotion of a person, product, or brand– we resort to outside of the box thinking and intentional step-by-step planning. 


Hence, our emphasis on strategy.  


Monolith Media is dedicated to serving clients with the best, most internally flawless work. We believe in striving toward impeccable  results every time with ineffable execution. Of our services, this includes but isn't limited to: Media Kit Creation, Media Training, Talent Management, Influencer Strategy, Brand Strategic Planning, and Media Placement



Of the services offered, we believe that we can help any client attain their goals. Be the best with the best, and stand out in whatever you do.

Media Kit and Media Training

Talent Management

Influencer Strategy

Brand Strategic Planning

Brand and Special Event Planning








Analytics & Insights

Utilizing top of the line marketing and social analytic tools, our first promise is centered around the supply of useful data and insights to assess the current situation and build a plan toward progress that aligns with success. 

Key Performance Indicators

Working in tandem with the first promise, Key Performance Indicators are paramount to any project, and is  practiced for any Monolith project to reveal the effectiveness of a course of action.  


As with any effective business move, strategy is always at the core. Not only do we promise strategy in our work, but rather ensure that you're left with a professional plan that you're able to carry with you moving forward. 


Considering paid, earned, shared, and owned media types; we ensure that your brand (personal or professional) is taking advantage of every opportunity for promotion. 

Three Result Promise

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